Artful christmas tables

Posted on December 4, 2020 by Jes

Special occasion, special table

‘You can always add a new perspective to tradition’ – Marie Graff

Christmas Eve is a special occasion, and that calls for a special table setting. For Marie Graff, December is a magical month, and with her husband and three children she has celebrated Christmas all over the world: from the beautiful Christmas landscape of Prague to the Christmas atmosphere in the hot American South, while on maternity leave, to the rich traditions of a Danish Christmas.


December is magical, creative and playful – qualities that are richly reflected in Marie’s own decorative Christmas table settings. Mixing elements from across her collections Marie creates a unique expression. The new ‘FLOW’ collection makes Marie’s 2020 Christmas table even more magical. The beautiful organic and colourful ‘FLOW’ collection elegantly matches her ‘Danish Summer’ collection with its soft shapes and appealing colours. The combination of the two collections gives rise to contemporary and appealing expression.

With the right mix of colours and patterns, you can conjure up exactly the Christmas atmosphere you dream of in your own home – I am both proud and honoured to contribute to that through Kodanska,’ says Marie Graff.


Set the scene for a magical Christmas with a table setting in cheerful pastels. Combine Kodanska’s beautiful glassware with inspiring elements from nature, such as goldenberries or cut flowers. Choose a colour range in shades of orange and brown to contrast a pastel-coloured tablecloth and beautiful snow-white crockery. Kodanska’s decorative glassware encourages playfulness, imagination and creativity and strikes the perfect note for a new take on a Christmas table in a beautiful colour scale that will last for generations .

I love the warm, cozy Christmas moments, the children’s imagination, the love we share, and the time spent with family and friends in December. This year, I’m looking forward to combining our Christmas table with our new “Flow” collection, which I think is a beautiful match for our “Danish Summer” collection. With the two series I am going to create a unique Christmas table,’ says Marie Graff, the founder of Kodanska.

Silkeborg Uldspinderi’s bedspreads are available in a wide range of natural colors. The beautiful and subtle palette creates a coherent and balanced expression that contributes to a calm, stress-free atmosphere in your bedroom.

Match with Silkeborg Uldspinderi’s cushions in notes of rose, grey, brown, or beige as an elegant way to give your bedroom light or feminine expression in combination with the warm bedspread.

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